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Fenja Kroos


Fenja Kroos

MSc (Environmental Protection and Management)
BSc (Geography International)



Fenja Kroos is a Researcher at Ecologic Institute in Berlin. Her work focuses on marine and Arctic issues, as well as on biodiversity and nature-based solutions. Fenja Kroos works in English and German.

For Ecologic Institute, Fenja Kroos is involved in a variety of projects that deal with Arctic governance, policy, and knowledge transfer. This includes the "YESSS – Year-round EcoSystem Study on Svalbard: Seasonally resolving ecosystem functioning in a warming Arctic" project and the project "DynARC: A pluralistic approach to dynamic marine conservation in the Arctic". Moreover, Fenja Kroos is actively involved in a project to support EU Member States in implementing the Nature Restoration Law. In the MEER:STARK project, she is researching cross-sectoral cooperation for resilient ecosystems and sustainable climate adaptation in the North and Baltic Seas. In addition, she is actively involved in the EU Mission for the Restoration of Oceans, Seas and Waters, a strategic initiative to conserve and restore marine and aquatic ecosystems across the EU. She is furthermore involved in the Marine SABRES project, which aims to apply social-ecological systems thinking and an ecosystem approach to develop targeted solutions to marine biodiversity loss.

Before and alongside her work at Ecologic Institute, Fenja Kroos heads the biodiversity working group at the organization Generation Climate Europe. She coordinates three teams respectively on nature restoration, the EU Biodiversity Strategy and nature-based solutions. She is also the social media coordinator for the Scottish Arctic Network, where she was also a member of the steering group during its inception.

Fenja Kroos holds a master's degree in Environmental Protection and Management from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). Her thesis focussed on the role and function of Arctic networks. She completed her bachelor's degree in Geography International with a minor in Physical Oceanography at the University of Hamburg (Germany). Her bachelor thesis focussed on the geopolitical responses to retreating sea ice in the Arctic. During her bachelor studies, Fenja Kroos spent two semesters at the University of Calgary (Canada), where she focussed on climate change, ecosystems and Arctic System Science.

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