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Public Consultations on Carbon Farming!

A banner with the inscription “PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS OPEN! On the findings of the CREDIBLE Focus Group. Minimum requirements to ensure that carbon farming delivers sustainability benefits” against a background of hay bales in a field.

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Public Consultations on Carbon Farming!

Influence the ongoing development of the European Carbon Removal Certification Framework

Berlin, Germany

As part of Project Credible, we invite stakeholders and citizens to join the discussion on carbon farming in the EU by providing feedback on the project reports during this public consultation. This is your opportunity to shape the ongoing development of the Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF) and the broader discussion on carbon farming in the EU. The feedback you provide in the public consultations will be shared with the broader expert community and policymakers to ensure that EU carbon farming policy works with and for farmers, delivering climate and biodiversity benefits.

Provide Feedback by Mid-June

Please provide your feedback on our work so far on the "minimum standards for ensuring sustainability in carbon farming" by mid-June.

Goals of Project CREDIBLE

The goal of CREDIBLE is to promote carbon farming in the EU. It aims to build trust in the implementation of carbon farming by supporting the development of consensus methodologies that enhance the soil's capacity as a carbon sink. The project coordinates discussions in 11 focus groups that meet regularly to address relevant topics for the ongoing discussion about carbon farming in Europe. The Ecologic Institute leads the focus group on the "minimum standards for ensuring sustainability."

Invitation to Participate in Public Consultations for Project Credible


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