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What Price Energy Transformation?

What Price Energy Transformation?

The three-part seminar series "What Price Energy Transformation" dealt with the energy and security policy challenges evoked by climate change. The participants from Europe and the USA discussed their views and knowledge on the causes, impacts and solutions of the changes with the aim of developing a common paper providing concrete recommendations and instructions for policy-makers.

The three events brought together a group of experts to discuss the nexus of energy, environment and security from different angles. Which forms of energy will dominate the future mix of energies? Are eco-friendly, renewable forms of energy a realistic alternative considering economic aspects and the growing global demand for energy? How can states reduce their dependency on single energy sources? What are reasonable strategies for policymakers to pursue? All these questions were discussed with the purpose of developing and as far as possible agreeing on common conclusions addressed to policy-makers on both sides of the Atlantic.

The seminar series consisted of three two-day seminars, which took place in Washington DC (24-25 January 2008), Berlin (28-29 February 2008) and Brussels (24-25 April 2008). The core group of participants included experts from the EU and the USA from the relevant fields of policy and expertise, and from business, government, science, and the media.

In addition to the seminar series, this project also included a Farmer-to-Farmer Exchange Program on bioenergy and climate friendly agriculture.

Also, as part of the third seminar in Brussels on 24-25 April 2008, an Ecologic Dinner Dialogue was held, entitled "New Threats Arising from Climate Change and Energy Scarcity - What Role for International Governance?". Guests of honour were Jamie Shea, Head of Policy Planning at NATO, and Helga Schmid, Policy Unit Director at the EU Council Secretariat.

Main results of this seminar series are reflected in an essay by R. Andreas Kraemer, entitled "What Price Energy Transformation".

European Commission, Directorate-General for External Relations (DG Relex)
Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), Germany
January 2007 to February 2009
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energy security, climate change, emission trading, carbon capture sequestration, resources, energy efficiency, energy transformation, security policy, conflicts, energy supply, transatlantic relations, renewables, nuclear energy, fossil energy, Germany, Europe, USA