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European Water Conference 2009

European Water Conference 2009

European Water Conference 2009


The implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) has been an intensive on-going process since the Directive’s adoption in 2000. The aim of the WFD is the achievement of "good status" of surface water and groundwater by 2015. To reach the environmental objectives of the WFD, river basin management plans and programmes of measures must be formulated and implemented in all river basin districts (RBDs) of the EU, including international RBDs.

According to Article 14 of the WFD, Member States have to publish and make available for public comments the following in the process of preparing their river basin management plans (RBMPs):

  • A timetable and work programme for the production of each RBMP, including a statement of the consultation measures to be taken (by the end of 2006).
  • An interim overview of the significant water management issues (SWMIs) identified in each RBD (by the end of 2007).
  • Draft copies of the RBMPs (by the end of 2008).

The "2nd European Water Conference on Active Involvement in River Basin Management" (2-3 April 2009, Brussels) served as a platform to exchange information between different stakeholders, Member States and the European Commission on progress of public participation processes, the identification of SWMIs and the drafting of RBMPs.

In this project, Ecologic together with its partners ACTeon, VITO, Centre for Maritime Studies of Turku University and LENOCI Environmental Consulting assists the European Commission in preparing the content of the 2nd European Water Conference and in developing a conference discussion document.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Collect information on WFD public participation and consultation processes, the SWMIs and the draft RBMPs in all 27 Member States, prior to the conference.
  • Develop a targeted strategic document for the conference based on the analysis of information currently available in all Member States.
  • Contribute to the content of the WFD public participation website of the European Commission.
  • Prepare the proceedings of the 2nd European Water Conference.


Thomas Dworak
Cornelius Laaser
ir. Colette de Roo
Dr. Maria Miguel Ribeiro
Thomas Thaler
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Water, Water Framework Directive, public participation, consultation, river basin management planning, water management