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Agri-Environmental Analysis

Agri-Environmental Analysis

The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides decision-makers with information needed to make sound and effective decisions in the policy making process with the aim to protect the environment and support sustainable development. Within a framework contract, Ecologic supports the EEA in this task by undertaking an agri-environmental analysis relating to agri-environment indicators, farm management, bio-energy production, the spatial distribution of CAP subsidies and dissemination of EEA results.

The project's objectives particularly relate to the following fields of agri-environmental analysis:

  • Update and extension of selected agri-environmental indicator fact sheets
  • Compilation of farm management data
  • Data input and analysis regarding bio-energy / bio-fuel production on farmland
  • Compilation and analysis of socio-economic data
  • Integration of geo-referenced biodiversity and other data into EEA data systems

As part of a pan-European consortium, Ecologic's work within this project mainly focuses on water protection and different environmental aspects of bioenergy production.

Solagro, France
Centre for Ecological Engineering Tartu (CEET), Estonia
Nordregio, Sweden
Università degli Studi di Firenze, Department of Agricultural Economics and Natural Resources (UNIFI-DEEAF), Italy
August 2006 to August 2010
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EEA, Agri-environmental analysis, bioenergy, water, agri-environmental indicators, HNV, biodiversity, spatial planning, landscape planning, biofuels, biomass, direct and indirect land use change, soil, global environmental impacts, Europe