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Development in Hong Kong: Non-Agricultural Market Access, IPRs and Services

Development in Hong Kong: Non-Agricultural Market Access, IPRs and Services

8 February 2006
United Kingdom

The ongoing world trade negotiations are expected to have significant impact on sustainable development and the production and consumption patterns world-wide.  After the Meeting of Trade Ministers in Hong Kong at the end of 2005, Chatham House convened a conference on 6-7 February 2006 to look at the WTO as well as the Sustainable Development Agenda and its prospects after Hong Kong.  R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic chaired a key session on NAMA, IPRs, and Services.

The session addressed three key questions:

  • How will negotiations on promoting market access for non-agricultural products impact domestic and international environmental policy instruments?  What are the development implications?
  • How will the results of the discussions among trade ministers in Hong Kong impact on the pace of services liberalisation?
  • What are the prospects for successful outcomes with regards to the intellectual property agenda in the Doha Development Agenda?  What are the prospects for using geographic indications of origin for sustainable development?

The speakers were:

  • Darlan Fonseca-Marti, Project Manager for Non-Agricultural Market Access, South Centre, Trade and Development Programme
  • Ronnie Hall, International Coordinator, Trade, Environment and Sustainability Programme, Friends of the Earth International
  • David Vivas Eugue, Programme Manager on Intellectual Property, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)
  • R. Andreas Kraemer (chair), Director, Ecologic

Chatham House (Chatham House), United Kingdom
8 February 2006
London, United Kingdom
WTO, World Trade Organization, trade law, trade negotiations, sustainable development, market access for non-agricultural goods,