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21st Century International Environmental Governance: Solutions

21st Century International Environmental Governance: Solutions

27 March 2009
Aspen, CO
United States

Solutions for International Environmental Governance were a theme of conversation at the 2009 Aspen Environment Forum.  Moderated by former US Senator Gary Hart, the discussants were the Minister of Environment of Panama Ligia Castro de Doens, Deputy Director in the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China Jia Feng, the Director of the North America office of UNEP Amy Fraenkel, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution David Sandelow, the Director of the Global Environmental Governance Projects at Yale University Maria Ivanova, and Ecologic Institute Director R. Andreas Kraemer.

While certain aspects of global environmental governance are functioning, in most cases the system is non-existent or broken.  In seeking ways forward, speakers presented and discussed specific opportunities for improving the current system and looked at a range of possible reform options, identified efforts under way, highlighted the common features spanning all efforts, and discussed the political viability of each option.

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Aspen Institute, United States
27 March 2009
Aspen, CO, United States
UNEP, UNEO, International environmental governance, global environment