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Changing Arctic: Changing Planet

Changing Arctic: Changing Planet

28 March 2009
Aspen, CO

During the 2009 Aspen Environment Forum, the conversation addressed the changing Arctic in discussion with Sven Lindblad of Lindblad Expeditions, NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco, Climate Communications Director Susan Joy Hassol, Oceanographer Sylvia Earle, author Charles Wohlforth, Elizabeth Cheney of Shell Oil, Ecologic Institute Director R. Andreas Kraemer, and University of Alaska Chancellor Fran Ulmer.  Aspen Institute's Executive Director of the Energy and Environment Program, David Monsma, moderated.

The Arctic is changing rapidly as a result of global climate change.  What are the implications of these changes, and how does the international community deal with them?  Commissioners of the Aspen Commission on Arctic Climate Change are joined by leading observers to discuss the impacts of climate change in the region, what that means for the rest of the planet – and what can be done?

Aspen Institute, United States
28 March 2009
Aspen, CO,
Arctic, polar region, climate, energy, environment, governance, international relations, foreign affairs, multilateralism