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The External Relations of the EU in Energy Policy

The External Relations of the EU in Energy Policy

In this paper, Sascha Müller-Kraenner, one of the founders and a Partner of Ecologic Institute, investigates the nature of the European Union’s relations to third countries with regard to renewable sources of energy and the options available for further developing those relations in order to more effectively exploit the potential of renewable energy. While the EU has the potential to cover its electrical power needs from renewable sources alone, cooperation with third states in the use of renewable energy sources will play an important role – as can be seen in the large-scale Desertec project.

The paper is available for download.


Müller-Kraenner, Sascha 2011: “The external relations of the EU in energy policy”. ERENE - European Community for Renewable Energy, 6.

English, German
6 pp.
Table of Contents

Current situation
General cooperation
Energy policy treaties
Regional cooperation within the framework of international treaties
Financial cooperation within the framework of development banks
Coordination of national climate action programs
Bundling financial instruments
Improving the legal framework for energy trade and investment
Involvement of civil society and local interests
Common representation of interests in regional and international bodies

EU, renewable energy, energy policy,