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Opportunities for EU/US Cooperation on Maritime Governance

Opportunities for EU/US Cooperation on Maritime Governance

20 May 2011

Andrew Reid, Transatlantic Fellow at Ecologic Institute, presented the results of the project Cooperation Across the Atlantic for Marine Governance Integration (CALAMAR) to decision-makers, scientists and other maritime stakeholders at the 2011 European Maritime Day in Gdansk (Poland). Examining opportunities for EU/US cooperation on maritime governance, the project was presented as part of a panel on strategies for strengthening maritime clusters in the Atlantic region.

Andrew Reid discussed the process and results of the CALAMAR project, which brought together over 40 experts from both sides of the Atlantic to identify how the European Union and United States can benefit from enhanced cooperation in a number of maritime issue areas. In the context of the panel, Andrew Reid highlighted the fact that economic development in maritime sectors is contingent upon the long term conservation of the marine environment. In order to conserve the marine environment, and thus promote economic development, both the EU and US must successfully implement integrated, holistic and ecosystem-based maritime policies that better reflect the interconnectedness and complexity of the marine environment, as well as the array of human activities that take place there. The results of CALAMAR, taking the form of over 50 policy recommendations, indicate that this can be better achieved through enhanced cooperation between the EU and US, including through sustained policy dialogues, information exchange, and better coordination and cooperation within international fora. The presentation [pdf, 68 kB, English] is available for download.

20 May 2011
Gdańsk, Poland
ocean governance, transatlantic relations, climate change, marine spatial planning, conference, EU, US, maritime affairs