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EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment - Project Results

EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment - Project Results

26 October 2011
Saint Martin (French part)

Elizabeth Tedsen, Transatlantic Fellow, attended the International Arctic Legal Forum: "Protection and Sustainable Development of the Arctic: Legal Aspects" in Salekhard (Russia) and presented Ecologic Institute’s EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment projects. The Forum brought together Russian and international policymakers, attorneys, researchers, and diplomats to discuss changes in the Arctic and ideas for sustainable development in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and beyond.

Ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle.Panelists debated the need for revised or new legislation and whether current policies are sufficient or in need of better enforcement.  The conference covered Arctic activities and impacts at the local, regional, Russian Federation, and international levels.  Local perspectives considered how to promote regional growth while protecting social interests and indigenous livelihoods, such as reindeer herding. Tensions between resource development and environmental protection were examined. On the international level, panelists emphasized successful cooperation between states and considered the role of the Arctic Council in promoting and developing new soft and hard law measures. 

Elizabeth Tedsen presented the results of Ecologic Institute’s EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment project in a session discussing environmental protection in the Arctic region.  The EU Arctic Footprint final report comprehensively describes the EU’s environmental impacts in the Arctic in nine different issue areas: biodiversity, chemicals and transboundary pollution, climate change, fisheries, forestry, energy, tourism, transport, and Arctic local and indigenous livelihoods.  Based on the impact analysis and the current regulatory framework, the report provides policy recommendations for the European Commission for reducing the EU’s Arctic footprint. 

The EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment reports are available here.

26 October 2011
Salekhard, Saint Martin (French part)
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