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Adaptation to Climate Change


Adaptation to Climate Change

Policy instruments for adaptation to climate change in big European cities and metropolitan areas


Ecologic Institute, Berlin/Vienna; AEA group; ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability; European Secretariat Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) 2011: Adaptation to Climate Change. Policy instruments for adaptation to climate change in big European cities and metropolitan areas: European Union Committee of the Regions.

Ecologic Institute led a study examining adaptation strategies in large cities and metropolitan areas across the European Union. A print version of the report is now available in English and French.  The study, which was commissioned by the Committee of the Regions, aims to identify best practices at the levels of both strategies and individual adaptation measures. It is targeted at local and regional administrators and interested stakeholders.

The report presents and analyses adaptation strategies and measures from 20 different cities and regions in Europe. To make extensive use of first-hand information, the case studies were essentially based on a survey of local and regional administration representatives who have been involved in the development and/or implementation of adaptation strategies. A first round of questionnaire-based interviews focused on the adaptation strategies as a whole while a second round served to analyse individual adaptation measures in more detail.

Measures are grouped by "clusters of measures" responding to different adaptation challenges. Detailed fact sheets for individual adaptation measures can be found in an annex. The description and analysis of adaptation strategies and measures are preceded by a literature review and followed by recommendations that relate measures responding to the different adaptation challenges to the five stages of the policy management cycle: Baseline review, Target setting, Political commitment, Implementation and monitoring, and Reporting and evaluation.

The report is available for free download in English [pdf, 1.5 MB] and French [pdf, 1.7 MB]. Hard copies in both languages can be obtained from the Committee of the Regions. See also EU Bookshop.

Ecologic Institut, Berlin/Wien
AEA group
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
Europasekretariat Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)
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289 (English), 359 (French)
978-92-895-0521-5 (English)
978-92-895-0522-2 (French)
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Climate, climate change, adaptation, adaptation strategies, cities, urban areas, metropolitan areas, regions, European Union, Committee of the Regions