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Poverty in the EU – a Question of Perspective

Poverty in the EU – a Question of Perspective

Statistical measurement of income poverty as a relative concept is very specific to the EU. Yet besides this classical case there are various factors that make us think further about the relative nature of poverty. Some of the examples refer to statistics on how national income is distributed throughout the society, how living expenses differ across the countries as well as rural and urban areas, and how differently Europeans feel about poverty in their cities.


This video is one out of four that were developed and produced within the project EU sustainable development indicators: video production, co-ordinated by the Ecologic Institute.

Script: Georgia Cockerell, Melanie Kemper 
Production: Haymarket Media
Expert Advisors: Mariana Popova, Viktoria Bolla, Markus Hametner
Length: 5:18 Min.
Reference type: Video


Eurostat 2012: Poverty in the EU – a Question of Perspective. Video online: http://youtu.be/IpVaphGNY_w

Georgia Cockerell
  • European Commission, Eurostat (Eurostat)
poverty, risk of poverty, social exclusion, relative indicator, regional distribution, living expenses, Rio+20, Europe, EU