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Ecologic Institute and Some of its Projects - A Presentation to GIZ Representatives

Ecologic Institute and Some of its Projects - A Presentation to GIZ Representatives


On 4 July 2012, a delegation of staff members from the GIZ, the German development cooperation service, visited Ecologic Institute. Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers and Christiane Gerstetter presented selected projects of Ecologic Institute as part of a GIZ-organized training on the "Green Economy".

The presentations focused on projects that are of particular relevance for developing countries and sustainable industrial development:

  • Rio+20 – Financing International Environmental Governance: In this project, Ecologic Institute investigated the weak points of the current multilateral system for financing environmental measures and international environmental organizations. The study also contains recommendations on how to improve the current situation.
  • Trade and Climate Change: In this project, which was carried out for the trade committee of the European Parliament, Ecologic Institute summarised the state of the political and scientific debate on the links between climate change and trade. For developing countries, the discussion on so called border adjustment measures (e.g. tariffs) in developed countries that target products manufactured in an emission-intensive way is of particular relevance.
  • Resource Indicators for Sustainable Industries and Sustainable Industrial Development: For making industries more sustainable, tools for effectively measuring progress are needed. There is significant number of relevant indicators; however, they are rarely used in the context of sustainable industrial development. Against this backdrop, Ecologic in this project compiled scientific insights on suitable indicators, assessed them and recommend those that seem to be most suitable for measuring progress on sustainable industrial development.

4 July 2012
Berlin, Germany
Development, resource efficiency, Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)