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DEMEAU Techology Brochures – Brochures Series

In total, four technology brochures were published by the DEMEAU consortium. They cover the technologies bioassays, ANCS, AOT and MAR. The technology brochures are aimed at utilities, water associations and technology suppliers. Therefore, they present information with a high level of technical detail.

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Nationales Ressourcenforum 2014

Ecologic Institute coordinated the organisation of the National Resources Forum 2014. For these the programme brochure was developed and designed, to hand it over to participants. It contained information about the event agenda and schedule, speakers and a space for notes. The design of the brochure and the color scheme were based on the visual style of UBA. The NRF brochure is set on 32 pages. The A5 brochure was printed on recycled paper.Read more

Mainstreaming Climate Change Into Rural Development Policy – Brochure

The aim of the brochure is to introduce and describe the project "Mainstreaming climate change in rural development policy". It presents goals of the project, its background, tasks and structure, as well as the methodology, used measures and indicators. The layout of the brochure is based on visual style European Commission DG Climate Action.Read more


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