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Region-specific Guidance on Resource Efficiency – Brochures Series

Region-specific Guidance on Resource Efficiency – Brochures Series

The issue of closing mineral cycles was analyzed in eight European regions and the results are presented in the report "Resource Efficiency in Practice – Closing Mineral Cycles". The authors of BIO IS, Ecologic Institute, AMEC, Danish Technical University, University of Milano and LEI, identified measures that support the closing of mineral cycles within the study regions. For each region, practical and strategic options to reduce the nutrient surplus further were derived. The region-specific brochures are available for download.

The completion of a number of dissemination activities aimed at reaching out to relevant stakeholders. To this aim, four regional conferences in Ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain and a final conference in Brussels were organized in order to reach out to farmers and practitioners. As a final output also leaflets providing practical and region-specific guidance have been produced. The brochures are available for download:

  • Brittany (France) [EN, FR]
  • Central Denmark [EN, DK]
  • Lombardy (Italy) [EN, IT]
  • Murcia (Spain) [EN, ES],
  • North-Brabant (the Netherlands) [EN, NL]
  • Southern and Eastern Ireland [EN]
  • Weser-Ems (Germany) [EN, DE]
  • Wielkopolskie [EN, PL]


Ecologic Institute (2016): Region-specific Guidance on Resource Efficiency - Brochure Series. Brochure.

Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish
Mette S. Carter (Technical University of Denmark)
Victoria Cherrier ec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure)
Giorgio Provolo (University of Milan)
Marion Sarteel (BIO by Deloitte)
Vincent Linderhof (LEI Wageningen UR)
Tanja de Koeijer (LEI Wageningen UR)
Rolf Michels (LEI Wageningen UR)
Clément Tostivint (BIO by Deloitte)

Editor: Elizabeth Dooley (Ecologic Institute)

16-20 pp.
Project ID
Table of Contents

Nutrient loss – Why does it matter?
Agricultural structure in Weser-Ems
How does nutrient loss affect farming business?
How does nutrient loss affect the Weser-Ems region and what are
the causes?
What has already been done to address the problem in the region?
Set of region-specific good practices
Improving manure cover
Spreading at the right time for stage of crop growth
Improving fertilisation management plans for all agricultural sites
Using appropriate application techniques
Adjusting feeding strategies and techniques
Further good practices to reduce nutrient losses
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Brittany, France, Murcia, Spain, Lombardy, Italy, Central Denmark, North-Brabant, the Netherlands, Southern and Eastern Ireland, Weser-Ems, Germany, Wielkopolskie, Poland, Brochure