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Merkels Umweltpolitik: außen hui, innen pfui? – Meinungsbeitrag

'Protecting the natural environment is part of our responsibility for future generations' – this is the environmental policy guiding principle of the coalition agreement of Merkel's third cabinet. Has the Federal Government made environmental protection its guiding principle in the last four years? The answer: there is light and shadow. More light in international environmental policy and more shade at home. There have been some important achievements, but in the last four years none of the negative environmental trends have been stopped or even reversed. All in all far too little – as Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf finds in this opinion paper.Read more

Verbesserte Ausweisung geförderter Strommengen aus erneuerbaren Energien im Rahmen der Stromkennzeichnung

Arbeitspapier im Rahmen des Vorhabens zur Analyse und Strukturierung des übergreifenden Energierechts (Strom) im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)
As part of a project to structure the energy law, Ecologic Institute contributed to a working paper on improved disclosure of subsidized electricity from renewable energy sources in electricity labelling. In this paper, criticisms of the regulations on the disclosure of EEG electricity in electricity labeling are evaluated and proposals for further development are presented. The discussion paper is available for download.Read more

EU Climate Policies for the 21st Century

The Case for a Strong EU Long-term Target and a Robust Review

A new note by the Ecologic Institute summarizes why a quantitative, binding and ambitious EU long-term climate target is essential for the EU to meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement. This long term target should be supported by a robust review mechanism. The note is available for download.

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