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Konrad von Moltke Fund

Konrad von Moltke Fund


Ecologic Institut


Konrad von Moltke Fund


The Konrad von Moltke Fund is a celebration of this great man's life and work. Its objective is to help maintain the network of individuals and institutions that he inspired as well as to provide international mobility grants for young researchers working on "Konrad's Agenda":

  • European Environmental Policy and Law, e.g. EU policy in the context of European integration, the external dimension of EU policies, or cross-cutting issues;
  • International Trade and Investment, e.g. the integration of environmental and sustainability concerns into the rules and institutions governing world trade and investment;
  • International Environmental Affairs and Governance, e.g. development of rules and institutions, and strengthening environment and sustainability in international institutions and the UN.

Initially, the Fund supports international exchange primarily – but not exclusively – involving a core set of institutes with which Konrad worked most closely:

Mobility grants are awarded to young researchers focusing on the environmental policy issues within Konrad von Moltke’s agenda, including European environmental policy and law, environmental implications of international trade and investment, and international environmental affairs and governance. Grants support travel to perform research at one of the participating organizations, and are meant to complement other funds. Generally, grants for research visits exceeding six months will amount to 2500 Euros or the equivalent in US Dollars, and for shorter visits, will amount to 1500 Euros or the equivalent in US Dollars. Grants may exceed the foregoing amounts to facilitate e.g. attendance of relevant events or a visit to a second participating organization. Applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient other resources for their research, as well as the necessary permits for work, residency and immigration.

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis. Selection of grant recipients is preceded by a nomination through any of the participating organizations, and based on the approval of the nominee by the Konrad von Moltke Fund Advisors.


Advisors guide the management of the Fund. They nominate candidates, evaluate the performance of the Fund, and propose changes to its operation, program priorities, and grant making process.

  • David Baldock, IEEP
  • Frans Berkhout, IVM
  • Bill Eichbaum, WWF-US
  • Marianne Ginsburg, formerly German Marshall Fund
  • Markus Knigge, The Pew Environment Group
  • Anja von Moltke, UNEP
  • David Runnalls, IISD
  • Pedro Tarak, Avina Foundation
  • Richard Tarasofsky, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
  • Laurence Tubiana, IDDRI
  • Oran Young, Bren School, University of California


The Konrad von Moltke Fund is managed at no cost to the Fund by:


R. Andreas Kraemer
Founder and Director Emeritus, Ecologic Institute
Visiting Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor, Duke University
Initiator and Convenor, Arctic Summer College