Resilience and Climate Adaptation for the North and Baltic Seas and their Estuaries

An expert discussion focusing on sources of pollution

Warnemünde, Germany

The dialogue will take place on 21 November 2023 in Warnemünde (Germany) about the topic of "Protecting estuaries and oceans in a changing climate: a challenge for stakeholders". The aim of the expert dialogue is to initiate a discussion and develop recommendations for action for climate adaptation measures and the protection of the seas, coasts and estuaries. A special focus will be placed on sources of pollution.

The event is aimed at experts from the field of marine research, environmental and climate policy, as well as representatives of business and NGOs working on climate change and marine protection.

Registration for the event is possible here. The program is available for download here. The event will take place in German only.

Within the framework of the expert dialogue, the two projects 'Blue Estuaries – Development of Estuaries as Habitable, Sustainable Ecosystems Despite Climate Change and Stress' (BluEs) and "Cross-sectoral for Relief of the Seas  Resilient Ecosystems and Sustainable Climate Adaptation for North Sea and Baltic Sea" will also be presented and discussed. This will focus on the development of innovative approaches and technologies to relieve marine stress and promote resilient ecosystems and sustainable climate adaptation. The event will be held as a face-to-face event and will include lectures, science slams and various discussion formats.

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