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Quiz: Plastic in the Environment – What do you know?

Quiz: Plastic in the Environment – What do you know?

Test your knowledge on the topic of plastics!

When I wash a polyester fleece jacket, can microplastics get into the water? How many climate-damaging greenhouse gases are released annually due to the global production of plastics and what is chemical recycling?

Plastics are all around us and make up an essential part of our daily lives. How much do we know about this material, its variety, the associated environmental problems and possible solutions? The quiz "Plastics in the environment - What do you know?" invites you to test your knowledge around the topic of plastics in five categories. Furthermore, the category "Questions for adults & children" contains questions suited for children.

The quiz was developed within the research focus "Plastic in the Environment - Sources - Sinks - Solutions", which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The Ecologic Institute was responsible for the development and implementation of the quiz.

The quiz is available online at http://quiz.bmbf-plastik.de/ and is suitable for all common browsers on computers and mobile devices.