Transatlantic Exchange on Green Buildings and Architecture

Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Berlin, Germany

As part of the "Transatlantic Climate Bridge", the Ecologic Institute organized a visitors programme on Green Buildings and Architecture, addressing 20 expert journalists from the USA and Canada. The informational tour took place from 11 April  to 17 April 2010 in Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Berlin.

The main goal of the Program was to provide the participants with insights into the green building and architecture culture in Germany. This being the case, the Program's schedule drew attention to the German regulatory framework for the construction and retrofitting of buildings, the policies pursued by the German government to promote energy-efficient and ecologically sustainable buildings, the efforts of German architects and engineers, the LEED and DGNB green building programs, and practical examples of energy-efficient and ecologically sustainable private, commercial, and public buildings.

Over the course of the week, the journalists met with architecture firms active in green design, toured green office buildings and houses, spoke with policymakers in the fields of buildings and city development, visited a tradeshow featuring the latest in green technology for the built environment, and visited a German university to learn about its participation in an international residential green design competition.

Two specific events on the Program's schedule were a visit to Märkisches Viertel, a neighborhood in Berlin, and the Reichstag, Germany's parliamentary building. Part of Märkisches Viertel, which is located in the North of Berlin, recently underwent a complete ecological renovation. At the Reichstag, the participants were given a guided tour of Sir Norman Foster's famous dome on the roof of the building, which highlighted its environmentally friendly aspects, as well as those of the building as a whole.

Other events on the program included:

As part of the "Transatlantic Climate Bridge", the programme was sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office, in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council.

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Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Berlin, Germany
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