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Figures for the Future – 2012


Figures for the Future – 2012

20 Years of Sustainable Development in Europe? A Guide for Citizens

In preparation for the Rio+20 conference, which took place in June 2012, the European Statistical Office (Eurostat) published a guide for citizens. The publication discusses trends and statistics concerning sustainable development from the viewpoint of Anne, a 17 year old student. Anne seeks answers to everyday questions and tries to find out if Europe has actually moved towards sustainable development over the past 20 years. By discussing everyday problems, statistical indicators are made concrete and tangible. Albrecht Gradmann and Tanja Srebotnjak from Ecologic Institute have contributed to the publication as expert advisors. The publication is available for download.

The citizen guide is available for download from the EU Bookshop either as download or as printed product.



Markus Hametner, Rosanne Adelman 2012: Figures for the future – 20 years of sustainable development in Europe? A guide for citizens. Luxembourg: Eurostat.

Viktoria Bolla
Mariana Popova
Carolyn Avery
Markus Hametner
Rosanne Adelman
  • European Commission, Eurostat (Eurostat)
155 pp.
Table of Contents

1. Why Anne gets interested in sustainable development issues
2. Growth, jobs and the crisis
3. Energy: increasing consumption, increasing dependence
4. Role of transport in the economy
5. Undesired impacts of transport
6. Regional disparities
7. Poverty and social exclusion in Europe
8. The waste problem and how it can be solved
9. How we are pushing back nature
10. Global climate change
11. Europe in a globalised world
12. Is Europe living up to its international commitments?
13. Fewer and fewer children in our ageing society
14. Is green growth a solution?
15. Conclusions on sustainable development: the conversation continues
Abbreviations and acronyms

Community statistics, regional statistics, sustainable development, globalisation, ecology, Europe