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Monitoring the EU Sustainable Development Indicators

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Monitoring the EU Sustainable Development Indicators


The European Commission regularly tracks the progress towards sustainable development objectives within the EU and the individual Member States, drawing upon sustainable development indicators (SDIs). In a consortium with the Vienna University of Economics and Business, INFRAS and the Haymarket Media Group, Ecologic Institute was drafting these monitoring reports for the years 2013 and 2015 on behalf of Eurostat. Ecologic covered the analysis on Natural Resources, Climate Change and Energy and Global Partnership.

Sustainable development is an established long-term objective of the EU. Concrete targets by theme have been established through the EU Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) and in parts renewed in the Euope 2020 strategy of 2010. To measure progress towards sustainable development, Eurostat uses a set of Europe-wide sustainability indicators. These indicators cover issues ranging from climate change to economic growth, and public health to biodiversity.

Besides working on the monitoring report, the consortium conceived and drafted three statistical flagship publications focusing on more specific topics related to sustainable development. The team also analysed the state of play of Eurostat metadata for indicators for long-term developments.


Doris Knoblauch
Co-Coordinator Plastics
Coordinator Urban & Spatial Governance
Senior Fellow

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