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The Role of Behaviours in Energy Transition

The holistic approach of Human Energy
An invited poster presentation to the 2014 BEHAVE Energy Conference. Caiati, Giovanni and Adam Pearson 2014: The Role of Behaviours in Energy Transition: The holistic approach of Human Energy. Poster: Laboratory of Citizenship Sciences, Ecologic Institute.Read more

European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime – Roll-ups

To support dissemination activities of the project "European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime" (EFFACE), Ecologic Institute developed two roll-up banners to be used during project events. They are designed according to the project visual style and contain basic introductory information about the project, link to the website and illustratory photography. Text information on both banner is the same, and they differ in the used photography. On one banner a photography of famous artist Peter Beards was used, as a part of a cooperation between him and Ecologic Institute. Photos on the second banner illustrate a range of environmental crime, which is a main focus of the project.Read more

Sustainable Lifestyle - InContext Poster Series

As part of the project InContext, Ecologic Institute has designed four posters concerned with sustainable lifestyle initiatives in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. The posters, illustrated with photos and maps, provide in-depth information on the process and results of the initiatives. They were displayed at the final project conference of InContext and are available for download.Read more


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