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European Policies Towards Effective Soil Carbon Management

European Policies Towards Effective Soil Carbon Management

27 October 2013

Ana Frelih-Larsen from Ecologic Institute gave a presentation regarding "European policies towards effective soil carbon managment" during the Global Soil Week 2013 in Berlin. The management of soil carbon can reverse the degradation of  agricultural soils. Although it is gaining recognition, existing european policy measures do not explicitly target this issue. The presentation is available for download.

The presentation tool place during a session titled Soil carbon management for sustaining agricultural productivity, hosted by Ecologic Institute in collaboration with the Countryside and Community Research Institute (ccri), the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS).

Ecologic Institute is a member of the SmartSOIL consortium, a FP7 project assessing the impact of sustainable and climate friendly agricultural management practices on soil carbon in the EU, which was instrumental in proposing the session’s content and formulating its design.

27 October 2013
Berlin, Germany
soil, soil carbon management, land use, natural resources, agriculture, European environmental policy, EU, Europe