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Robert Swan - Stories from Beyond Two Poles

Robert Swan - Stories from Beyond Two Poles

Wintersemester 2014
15 September 2014
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." Robert Swan, OBE

On the 15 of September 2014, the polar explorer Robert Swan held a presentation at Ecologic Institute regarding his trip to the North and the South Pole. The English environmentalist Robert Swan has the honour of being the first man to reach both geographical poles on foot. Starting from his expeditions onward, Swan has dealt with the local environmental and political problems. As a visiting professor and motivational speaker, Swan makes himself available to organisations such as Ecologic Institute and associated groups to discuss and promote solutions to environmental issues such as global warming, glacial melting and pollution. He also publishes works on these subjects.

The audience consisted of student representatives from the Duke University and the Davidson College in North Carolina as well as the Denver University in Colorado.

During the Berlin program, the Duke Davidson students dealt with European integration and environmental policy. The interdisciplinary course , conceptualized and thaught by Andreas R.Kraemer, focused primarily on national and international relations, as well as the integration of environmental concerns into other policies.

Through the new launched study program "Sustainability in Berlin" - a cooperation between Ecologic Institut and the College of Liberal Arts and Science of University of Colorado Denver - also students of UC Denver could live and learn in Berlin during the winter semester 2014. The course covered different topics of sustainability research.

Duke University, United States
Davidson College, United States
University of Colorado (Denver), College of Liberal Arts and Science, United States
Wintersemester 2014
Berlin, Germany
Number of Participants
Arctic, Antarctic, Robert Swan, study abroad, Berlin, Duke University, Davidson College, University Colorado Denver