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Mainstreaming Climate Change into Rural Development Policy post 2013


Mainstreaming Climate Change into Rural Development Policy post 2013


Frelih-Larsen, Ana et al. 2014: Mainstreaming Climate Change into Rural Development Policy post 2013. Ecologic Institute, Scotland’s Rural College, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute, Solagro, National Institute of Agricultural Economics, Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Luxembourg. ISBN: 978-92-79-40846-5.

Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) under the Common Agricultural Policy are a key instrument for supporting climate action in rural areas in European Union. The programmes can fund many practical measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to climate change in the agricultural sector and land management more broadly. The study "Mainstreaming climate change into rural development policy post 2013" developed a Technical Guidance for RDP Managing Authorities on how to further mainstream new and innovative climate actions in RDPs. The study was commissioned by the Directorate General for Climate Action and lead by Ecologic Institute. The study report, which includes the Technical Guidance, is available for download.

The study report provides an overview of the methodology used in the project as well as a summary of key findings. The Technical Guidance is structured as annexes to the main report and contains the following elements:

  • Detailed technical fiches for 25 climate actions
  • Examples of appropriate combinations of measures and guidelines to identify such combinations
  • Best practice LEADER projects from the 2007- 2013 period
  • Suggestions for promoting climate action through LEADER post 2013
  • Examples of potential joint actions that can be funded under the Cooperation Measure

The Technical Guidance remains relevant also after the approval of RDPs for the 2014 – 2020 period. It provides inspiration for Managing Authorities for adjusting or improving the climate aspects of RDPs, during informal annual modifications, as well as during a potential mid-term review of the CAP. The guidance can also offer ideas for national activities that might be taking place outside of the RD policy framework, whether in relation to the Land Use Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector or other activities. 

Rural development programmes can support many practical actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to climate change in agriculture and land management more broadly.


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