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Can the European Council Impose Consensus on EU Climate Policies?

Can the European Council Impose Consensus on EU Climate Policies?

The European Council: bottleneck or initiator of EU climate and energy policies?

Since 2007, the European Council has played an increasingly active role in shaping the details of future EU climate policies. This involvement raises important questions about potential interference by the European Council regarding the decision-making process for and content of the implementation of the 2030 climate framework. In a broader perspective, concerns have been raised about the establishment of a constitutional practice, which could in fact circumvent the possibility of adopting implementing acts by qualified majority vote. This would alter the balance of power between the EU institutions. Ecologic Institute's Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf discusses the role and mandate of the European Council. The paper is available for download.


Meyer-Ohlendorf, Nils 2015: Can the European Council impose consensus on EU climate policies? Discussion Paper. Berlin: Ecologic Institute.

10 pp.
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Table of Contents

1.    Summary
2.    Introduction
3.    What are the concerns raised by the October conclusions?
4.    Much ado about nothing: Can (European) Council conclusions have a legal effect?
5.    What are the limits of European Council in legislative processes?
6.    Can the European Council circumvent qualified majority voting?
7.    Nothing new: the European Council routinely determines legislative details

European Council, mandate, Lisbon Treaty, EU climate policy, Europe