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Water and River Basin Management Policy


Water and River Basin Management Policy

21 September 2015

On 21 September 2015, Dr. Eleftheria Kampa, Senior Fellow at Ecologic, gave a lecture on EU water and river basin management policy at the Potsdam Summer School on Facing Natural Hazards (14 - 23 September 2015). The presentation slides are available for download.

Eleftheria Kampa gave an overview of the evolution of European water policy with specific emphasis on the revolutionary framework for integrated river basin management introduced by the Water Framework Directive. The presentation also reflected on the current state of  implementation of the Floods Directive and the potential synergies to the Water Framework Directive, in view of more natural solutions to flood prevention and protection (e.g. via floodplain and wetland restoration).

The second Potsdam Summer School taking place from 14 September until 23 September 2015 attracted 40 young professionals from 28 countries to learn about and discuss the most pressing scientific and socially relevant issues, which surround natural hazards. The presentation "Water & River Basin Management Policy"  [pdf, 644 KB, English] is available for download.

21 September 2015
Potsdam, Germany
natural hazards, floods, water policy, river basin management, WFD, natural water retention measures, Europe