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Public Participation in River Basin Management in Germany


Public Participation in River Basin Management in Germany

"From borders to natural boundaries"

Ecologic Institute compiled the national study for Germany, which focused on the Rhine and Elbe basins and mainly analyzed the origins and past experiences of public participation approaches in water management. The study is available for download.


Kampa, Eleftheria; Nicole Kranz and Wenke Hansen 2003: Public Participation in River Basin Management in Germany. From Borders to Natural Boundaries (HarmoniCOP/WP 4). Ecologic - Institute for International and European Environmental Policy, Berlin.

Natasha Madeira
60 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Framework for Water and River Basin Management in Germany
2.1 General Background
2.2 Geography and Hydrology
2.3 Water Bodies in Germany
2.4 Socio-Economic and Cultural Context
2.4.1 Demography and Anthropogenic Pressures on Water Bodies
2.4.2 Economic Activities
2.4.3 Cultural Background
2.5 Institutional Framework and Actors in Water Management
2.5.1 Legal Institutional Framework
2.5.2 Main Actors Involved
2.6 History of River Basin Management Planning
2.6.1 RBMP at the National Level
2.6.2 RBMP at the International Level
3 History and Institutional Background of Public Participation
3.1 Early Beginnings
3.2 Cultural Change
3.3 Recent Developments
4 Involvement Dynamics in River Basin Management
4.1 Elbe Basin
4.1.1 Emergence of Environmental Awareness in the Elbe Basin
4.1.2 Involvement of the Public at Different Governance Levels
4.2 Rhine Basin
4.2.1 Emergence of Environmental Awareness in the Rhine Basin
4.2.2 Involvement of the Public at Different Governance Levels
4.3 Levels of Public Participation: Elbe Basin
4.3.1 Information Level
4.3.2 Consultation and Active Involvement Levels
4.4 Levels of Public Participation: Rhine Basin
4.4.1 Information Level
4.4.2 Consultation and Active Involvement Levels
4.5 Use of IC Tools to Stimulate Involvement
4.5.1 Current Situation
4.5.2 WFD Outlook for IC Tools
5 Analysis of the National Approach to Public Involvement
5.1 Comparison of Involvement across Germany
5.2 Discussion of Main Issues
5.2.1 Cultural Influences
5.2.2 Institutional Framework
5.2.3 Scale
5.2.4 Formal Processes
5.2.5 Informal Processes
5.2.6 Social Learning
6 Conclusions
6.1 The National Approach to PP and the WFD
6.2 Main Lessons Learned
7 Acknowledgements
8 Glossary and Definitions
9 List of References
10 List of Interviews
List of Figures
Figure 1 The 16 Länder of the Federal Republic of Germany
Figure 2 River Basin Districts in Germany
Figure 3 Institutions and Functions in Water Management in Germany
Figure 4 The River Elbe catchment showing national and German Länder borders
Figure 5 The Rhine Basin and its Sub-Basins
List of Tables
Table 1 Dimensions of German River Basins
Table 2 Allocation of Water Management Authority in Germany
Table 3 Other Federal Ministries with Responsibilities for Water Management.
Table 4 Levels of Government within the Länder

Implementation, Water Framework Directive, Public Participation, River Basin Management, Water Management, Europe