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Money Flows: Economics of Water Supply and Sewerage in Germany


Kraemer, R. Andreas; Michael Strübin; Wenke Hansen 1998: Money Flows: Economics of Water Supply and Sewerage in Germany. Ecologic - Centre for International and European Environmental Policy, Berlin.

33 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Abstract
2 Introduction
2.1 Background and Motivation
2.2 Objectives and Methodology of the Study
2.3 Structureof this Report
3 Background: Economics in Water Management in Germany
3.1 Economic Instruments for Water Resource Protection
3.1 .1 Federal Effluent Charge (Abwasserabgabe)
3.1.2 Administrative Fees for Effluent Discharge Permits
3.1.3 Compensation Payments to Farmers
3.2 Economic Instruments for Water Resource Management
3.2.1 Water Resource Taxes
3.2.2 Administrative Fees for Water Abstraction Permits
3.2.3 Promotion of Water Saving
3.3 Economic Assessments in Water Management
4 Economics of Urban Water Services in Germany
4.1 Economics of Water Supply in Germany
4.1.1 Structure of Water Supply
4.1.2 Principles of Water Price Formation and Regulation
4.1.3 Subsidies for Water Supply Services
4.1.4 Water Prices
4.1.5 Turnover of Water Supply Services
4.2 Economics of Sewerage in Germany
4.2.1 Structure of Sewerage Services
4.2.2 Principles of Sewerage Charge Formation and Regulation
4.2.3 Subsidies for Sewerage Services
4.2.4 Sewerage Charges
4.2.5 Turnover of Sewerage Services
4.3 Economics of the Urban Water Cycle in Germany
4.3.1 The Framework
4.3.2 Asset Valuation in Urban Water Industry
4.3.3 Total Balance of Income and Expenditures
4.3.4 Household Bills
4.3.4 Social Aspects of Prices and Bills for Water Services
4.3.5 Dynamic Aspects of Water Prices
4.3.6 Concluding Remarks
5 Challenges to the Existing Structure
6 Evaluation and Conclusions
7 References