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International Comparison of Water Management


International Comparison of Water Management

The results of the study "International Comparison of Water Management" have been published in five volumes by the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour and the Austrian Association of Cities. The synthesis and conclusion of the study, which provides a systematic comparison against European and economic background, is now also available in English.

Over the past years, the future of the water sector has been increasingly subject to discussion in Austria. Against this background, Ecologic in cooperation with the Institute of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy (IFIP), Vienna University of Technology, was commissioned to carry out a study which provides a scientific and empirical analysis of the Austrian and selected international systems for water services. It analyses the vastly differing systems of water supply and sewerage services in Austria, France, England and Wales, as well as Germany and the Netherlands.

The study was published in six volumes which can be downloaded here: 

  • Volume 1-5: Content and Introduction [pdf, 176 KB, German]
  • Volume 1: Country Report Austria [pdf, 760 KB, German]
  • Volume 2: Country Report England and Wales [pdf, 1 MB, German]
  • Volume 3: Country Report France [pdf, 760 KB, German]
  • Volume 4: Overview Germany and the Netherlands [pdf, 360 KB, German]
  • Volume 5: Systematic Comparison against European and Economic Background [pdf, 536 KB, German]
  • Volume 6: Comparison of Systems against a Background of European and Economic Policy [pdf, 631 KB, English]

To order the print version of the study, contact the Austrian Association of Cities (Rathaus, A-1082 Wien, Tel +43-1-4000-89980; Fax +43-1-4000-7135; post@stb.or.at) or the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour (Prinz-Eugen-Str. 20-22, A-1040 Wien, Tel +43-1-50165-2698; Fax +43-1-5065-2105; friederike.bodinger@akwien.at).


Schönbäck, Wilfried; Gerlinde Oppolzer; R. Andreas Kraemer et al. 2003: International Comparison of Water Sectors. Vol. I-VI. [Informationen zur Umweltpolitik 153/1-6]. Wien.

English, German
Wilfried Schönbeck (TU Wien)
Gerlinde Oppolzer (TU Wien)
Published In
3-7062-0068-6 (Vol. 1), 3-7062-0069-4 (Vol. 2), 3-7062-0070-8 (Vol. 3), 3-7062-0071-6 (Vol. 4), 3-7062-0072-4 (Vol. 5), 3-7062-0084-8 (Vol. 6)
Vol. I-VI
Project ID
Table of Contents

Part I: Water Management in European Countries
1. Country Report Austria
2. Country Report England and Wales
3. Country Report France
4. Overview Germany and the Netherlands
Part II: Political and Economic Framework of the Water Management in Europe
5. Political and Legal Framework of the Water Management in Europe - Current Developments
6. Economic Specifies of the Water Sector
Part III: International Comparison and Conclusions
7. Synthesis
8. Conclusions

international comparison, water management systems, water supply, sewage disposal, waste water, privatisation, liberalisation, natural and geographical framework, regulatory policy, water prices, sewerage charges, tariffs, price structure, drinking water quality, ecological aspects, Austrian Chamber of Labour, Austrian Association of Cities, consumer protection, consumer policy, Austria, United Kingdom, England and Wales, France, Netherlands, Germany