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Ecologic University Course on Think Tanks Policy Consulting (2015/2016)

Ecologic University Course on Think Tanks Policy Consulting (2015/2016)

Winter Term 2015/2016
1 October 2015 to 29 February 2016
Teaching students about policy consulting in an environmental think tank

Learning everything from books? Not at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen which emphasizes the incorporation of practical knowledge into students’ academic routine. It provides students with added value as it illustrates future career opportunities. Therefore, Doris Knoblauch and Evelyn Lukat, senior fellow and researcher at Ecologic Institute, organized the seminar "Think Tank Policy Consulting" in 2015/2016. It was the sixth time that the seminar was held by employees of Ecologic Institute.

In this seminar, policy-management students could learn what the practical work of a think tank actually looks like. Furthermore, the concept of policy consulting was discussed theoretically and controversially. The lecturers also answered questions regarding the career opportunities in this area.

The students were divided into small groups and worked interactively on practical example cases which made the learning experience accessible and interesting for them. Not only did they learn about think tanks and research-based policy consulting, they also improved their soft skills with input on moderation, feedback culture and time management. To pass the seminar, the students presented a proposal for a fictive project during which they should aim to publish a study on an environmental topic. Lecturers as well as the other students provided feedback and support for the other groups and their proposals.