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Workshop Ahrensfelde 2030 - The Municipality we want to live in

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Workshop Ahrensfelde 2030 - The Municipality we want to live in

Ahrensfelde, Germany

On Saturday, 23 April 2016, 15 children and young adults between the ages of 10 and 17 from different parts of the Ahrensfelde municipality met to participate in a creative workshop. The goal was to create a vision of how their community should develop sustainably until 2030. The day-long workshop was organized by Ecologic Institute in cooperation with the Hochschule Eberswalde, the youth coordinator of the community and the municipality.

Doris Knoblauch from Ecologic Institute was very pleased with the results: "The ideas of the children and teenagers surpassed all of our expectations. They are very helpful for complementing the vision already developed by the adults of the municipality." Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Piorr from the Hochschule Eberswalde added:”The vision varied from concrete measures to mythical ideas - we were able to learn a lot from the children and teenagers today."

The children and young adults expressed their wishes for public toilets, dog waste bags, a half pipe, a hobby workshop, a graffiti wall, free WIFI for the whole municipality, an ice cream parlour and the enlargement of the local Lenné-park - to name a few. Sustainable agriculture, an organic supermarket and landscape gardening were even mentioned. The topic of mobility made for some especially mythical ideas that varied from rocket shoes to jet-packs to flying cars and motor cycles - particularly to avoid traffic. Afterwards, the children and young adults discovered new aspects of their municipality while searching for geocaches.

The workshop took place within the project "City of the Future Ahrensfelde 2030 and beyond - Living together sustainably", a project where citizens create a vision of how Ahrensfelde could develop in a sustainable way. All children and young adults of the community were invited to participate in the workshop in order to include the perspective of the younger generation in the vision. The ideas developed in the workshop will be integrated into the vision by Ecologic Institute and the Hochschule Eberswalde before it will be handed over to the mayor of Ahrensfelde, Wilfried Gehrke (CDU), in May.

Children and Teenagers Create a Vision for the Future of their Municipality Ahrensfelde


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Coordinator Plastics
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