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Linking Sustainability Indicators with Policy Making


IN-STREAM Research consortium 2011: Linking Sustainability Indicators with Policy Making. Results and Conclusion of IN-STREAM. Policy Report (D 8.1).

34 pp.
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Table of Contents

Key Messages of IN-STREAM
Executive Summary
1 Introduction – Measuring Sustainability in Policy Making
1.1 Sustainability Indicators and their use in the policy process
1.2 Key weaknesses of mainstream indicators in measuring sustainability
2 Composite Indicators to measure sustainability
2.1 Policy monitoring with composite indicators
2.2 Setting the right targets for multi-objective strategies – Europe 2020
3 Measuring Green Growth and Green Innovation
3.1 Choosing the right indicators with qualitative assessments
3.2 Emission reduction policy and competitiveness
3.3 Renewable energy targets and employment
3.4 Distributive impacts of emission reduction measures (CUEC )
3.5 Economic effects of sustainability scenarios in land-use and agriculture
3.6 Climate change – Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions
3.7 Policy Conclusions from Sensitivity Analysis
4 Measuring the success of Biodiversity Policies
4.1 Choosing the right indicator for monitoring the EU Biodiversity Strategy
4.2 Sustainability indicators for health and ecosystem impacts

Sustainability indicators, emission reduction, renewable energy targets, economic effects, land-use, agriculture, climate change, biodiversity, health, ecosystem impacts, Europe, sensitivity analysis, monitoring