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Summary / Comparative Review of Findings (IN-STREAM)


Porsch, Lucas; Wolf Müller; Holger Gerdes et. al.: Summary / Comparative Review of Findings. IN-STREAM Deliverable 7.1.

Wolf Müller (IER)
Samuela Bassi (IEEP)
Leonardo Mazza (IEEP)
Klaus Rennings (ZEW)
24 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Aim and Structure
1.1 Project objectives of IN-STREAM
1.2 Indicators and the policy cycle
1.3 Objectives and structure of this report
2 Green Growth and Green Innovation
2.1 The political context
2.2 Policies and their trade-offs
2.3 Insights from the IN-STREAM project
2.3.1 Qualitative assessment of indicators
2.3.2 Correlation analysis of indicators
2.3.3 Valuing health effects of emission reductions
2.3.4 Costs of sustainability
3 Resource Efficiency
3.1 The political context
3.2 Relevant policies and their trade offs
3.3 Insights from IN-STREAM
3.3.1 Correlation analysis of indicators
3.3.2 Analysis of social impacts of resource efficiency policy
3.3.3 Costs of sustainability
4 Biodiversity & Value of Ecosystem Services
4.1 The political context
4.2 Relevant policies and their trade-offs
4.3 Insights from the IN-STREAM project
4.3.1 Qualitative analysis of indicators
4.3.2 The use of indicators for ecosystem effects
5 General Conclusions – Indicators in the Policy Cycle

indicators, sustainable development, economics, GDP, environmental policy, Europe, econometric analysis