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Integration of Mainstream Economic Indicators with Sustainable Development Objectives


IN-STREAM Research consortium 2011: Integration of mainstream economic indicators with sustainable development objectives. Summary Report (D 9.12).

74 pp.
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Table of Contents

Key Messages of IN-STREAM
Executive Summary
1 Introduction – Beyond GDP and IN-STREAM
2 Qualitative Research in IN-STREAM
2.1 Introduction - the qualitative work of IN-STREAM
2.2 Assessment of Indicators
2.2.1 IN-STREAM Indicator selection
2.2.2 Evaluation methodology: RACER and SWOT
2.2.3 Conclusions
2.3 Assessment of Policies
2.3.1 Methodology used for the assessment
2.3.2 Key results and conclusions
2.4 Social sustainability indicators
3 Quantitative Research in IN-STREAM
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Statistical analysis of sustainability indicators
3.2.1 Objectives and methodology
3.2.2 Major findings
3.3 Competitiveness and output impacts of mitigation policies
3.4 Regional employment impacts of renewable energy policies
3.5 Greenhouse gas emissions impacts of mitigation policies
3.6 Distributional implications of mitigation policies in the Czech Republic
3.6.1 Objectives and methodology
3.6.2 Major findings
3.7 Decomposition analysis of air pollutants in the Czech Republic
3.7.1 Objectives and methodology
3.7.2 Major findings
3.8 Land and agriculture impacts of biofuel policies
3.8.1 Objectives and methodology
3.8.2 Major findings
3.9 Health and ecosystem impacts of mitigation policies
3.9.1 Methodological background
3.9.2 The aggregation of health and ecosystem impacts into indicators for sustainability
3.9.3 Development of a sustainability indicator for health and ecosystem impacts
3.9.4 Major findings
3.10 Comparison of informative capacity of aggregated sustainability index with disaggregated indicators
4 Engagement and dissemination
4.1 Identifying needs and opportunities for better communicating the importance of indicators
4.2 Stakeholder workshops and final conference
4.3 Dissemination work of IN-STREAM
5 Conclusions

Beyond GDP, indicators, sustainability indicators, mitigation policies, employment impacts, renewable energy policy, Greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutants, land, agriculture, biofuel policy, health, ecosystem impacts of mitigation policies, Czech Republic, Europe, qualitative research, indicator selection, evaluation methodology, RACER, SWOT, social sustainability indicators, quantitative research, statistical analysis, decomposition analysis, aggregation, comparison, dissemination, communication