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Enhancing Economic Growth and Convergence through EU Climate Policy

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Enhancing Economic Growth and Convergence through EU Climate Policy


This project analyses the positive economic and social impacts of European Union climate policy based on case studies from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. The focus is on co-benefits in the areas of social policy, employment, environment protection, and health.

The recently adopted Paris Agreement, the G7 Summit Declaration of 2015, and the European Union's climate and energy policy provide the framework for the necessary transormation towards a low-carbon economy. Redirecting investments into low-carbon infrastructure, green innovation and resource efficiency is required to support this change.

Not all EU Member States are, however, fully recognizing that targeted climate policy can drive economic growth, employment and social equality - not only in the long-term but also in the short- and medium term. At the same time, there are plenty of examples in each EU Member States for such policies with economic, environmental and social co-benefits.

Ecologic Institute together with Ecofys will provide an overview of such examples, and highlight the co-benefits of climate policies and success factors in selected case studies. These will cover different governance levels (European, national, regional, local) and policy areas (energy, buildings, transport, industry, agriculture).


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Andreas Prahl
Daniel Blobel
Lena Donat, LLM
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energy, climate, economic growth, policy assessment, employment, health, co-benefits, European Union