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Options Under Public International Law to Increase Resource Efficiency

Options Under Public International Law to Increase Resource Efficiency

The research project's objective is to provide a legal and political science perspective to the Federal Government's efforts to anchor the protection of resources more strongly at the international level. The project analyses how public international law and other international governance mechanisms can contribute to making the utilisation of resources more efficient and reducing resource consumption.

The study looks at abiotic raw materials (metals respectively ores, other mineral raw materials, fossil raw materials) and their utilisation, processing or other use. It will examine options to increase resource efficiency and reduce resource consumption along the entire value chain. The study aims at elaborating specific policy options and recommendations. The project flyer can be downloaded here.


Oeko-Institut (Öko-Institut e.V.), Germany
June 2016 to October 2019
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abiotic raw materials, resource efficiency, reduction in resource consumption, public international law, soft law, Legal and political analyses , Global