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Energie- und Umweltgovernance in der Arktis


Energie- und Umweltgovernance in der Arktis


Riedel, Arne 2017: Energie- und Umweltgovernance in der Arktis. in: Koschut, Simon (Hrsg.): Regionen und Regionalismus in den Internationalen Beziehungen. Eine Einführung.

The text book on "Regions and Regionalism in the International Relations" offers a theoretical and conceptual overview as well as comparative insights into a range of regional regulatory models, norms and institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In a second step, interregional networks and cooperations are analysed in a number of selected case studies and policy areas.

The chapter "Energy and Environmental Governance in the Arctic" elaborates on the Arctic region as as a particular case for interregional governance structures: It not only covers geographically a wide range of habitats but it also spans three continents and is thus subject to a complex web of national, regional and international institutions and norms.

Global climate change is already showing its effect on the Arctic and opens together with the continuing development of technical possibilities new potentials for human activities. The continuous growth of energy and resource demands leads to a specific economic interest in this historically barren region. The exploration and use of resources, however, can have significant impacts on existing ecosystems.

This chapter takes a look at these interlinkages and provides an overview about actors and cooperations in the region and includes actual regulatory developments, new actors in the region as well as new political challenges.

Energy and Environmental Governance in the Arctic


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Regionen und Regionalismus in den Internationalen Beziehungen
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