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BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+)


BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+)


Ecologic Institute 2017: "The BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+)".  Web. November 2017. Online:

Ecologic Institute has recently launched an online collaboration facility that helps climate innovators bring new solutions to market: the BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+). By helping to identify actual market needs for solutions against droughts, floods and extreme weather events, MAF+ improves innovators' capacities to recognize business opportunities in the field of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. This work is carried out within the BRIGAID project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the EU.

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The MAF+ features 12 market analysis and business development exercises designed to be completed by non-business specialists. Succinct text explains each exercise's purpose, provides step-by-step instructions, and features relevant examples. The output from each exercise can feed straight into a business plan, marketing materials (hand-outs, pitch decks, etc.), and strategic planning discussions. Furthermore, by getting developers acquainted with marketing and business concepts through practice, the MAF+ is building the capacity and increasing the competitiveness of European innovators.

The online framework has also been designed to drive collaboration: technical developers, project managers, marketers, strategy officers, and other partners can sign in and work together on the MAF+ exercises. An integrated review function enables innovators to ask questions and receive personalised consultancy from BRIGAID experts directly on the portal. While the MAF+ is a free, stand-alone resource available to all, innovators who become affiliated to the BRIGAID project receive this personalised guidance and support in completing the exercises.

The BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework is now live at Its development has been documented in a recent report that can be downloaded below. During the life of the BRIGAID project, the MAF+ will serve as a platform for business development experts within Ecologic Institute and the BRIGAID consortium to provide consulting support to affiliated innovations (see the BRIGAID Climate Innovation Window for a list of the latter). During this time, feedback retrieved from each application of the MAF+ will be used to improve the platform and assess its impact on bringing innovative climate adaptation solutions to market.

Life beyond BRIGAID

In order to ensure that the MAF+ transcends the life of the BRIGAID project and continues to have an impact, the development team is constantly exploring options to ensure its sustainability. If you are interested in joining this effort, or have ideas on how to achieve this, please reach out to us.

An online collaboration facility to increase the competitiveness of European innovators.


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Concept: Gerardo Anzaldúa & Hugh McDonald
Technical implementation: Christian Paul Bruhn
Design: Beáta Welk Vargová

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