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Development of the BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+)

Development of the BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+)

Successful innovations require more than a great idea and technical expertise – they need a market. The BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+) aims to support innovators to identify market opportunities, tune their innovations to meet actual market needs, and develop their business strategy. This document proposes how an innovator, a supporting partner, and an observer (i.e. the intended users of the MAF+) will interact with the online portal. The aim is to clearly lay out the path these users will follow and define the required software functionality at each step of the assessment. The document served as a blueprint to guide the web development of the MAF+ online portal. Detailed explanations of the 12 exercises are included in the annex, which compiles the draft templates used to inform the development of the portal. The report is available for download.


Anzaldua, Gerardo and Hugh McDonald (2017): Report on the development of the BRIGAID Market Analysis Framework (MAF+). Berlin: Ecologic Institute.


Anouk Vieveen (Ecologic Institute)
Achilleas Vasilopoulos (ICRE8)
Marco Harman (internal reviewer) (HKV)

84 pp.
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. MAF+ user types
3. Accessing the MAF+ portal
Invitation to create a user account
User accounts at maf.brigaid.eu
Assessment timeline and workflow
4. MAF+ Section 1 – Setting the scene
Business Model Canvas
PESTEL Analysis
5. MAF+ Section 2 – Identifying and selecting a target group
Value proposition
Market segmentation
Target group selection (Attractiveness scorecard)
6. MAF+ Section 3 – Assessing market attractiveness
Market size estimation
Market growth rate
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
7. MAF+ Section 4 – Analysing the competition
Porter’s five forces
Heat Map
8. MAF+ Section 5 – Identifying priority actions
SWOT analysis
SWOT priority score
9. MAF+ Section 6 – Wrapping up the assessment
Business Model Canvas revision
10. Future updates of this report
Annex – MAF+ Templates

capacity building, competitiveness, support to innovation, guidance, market analysis, marketing, business development, business strategy, business plan, innovation, uptake, road to market, climate innovation, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, droughts, floods, extreme weather, , Online collaboration, portal, application