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Environmental Criminal Law in Germany


Environmental Criminal Law in Germany


Sina, Stephan 2017: Environmental Criminal Law in Germany. In: Andrew Farmer, Michael Faure, Grazia Maria Vagliasindi (Eds.) Environmental Crime in Europe. Oxford and Portland, Oregon.

As an output of the research project "European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime" (EFFACE), which was coordinated by Ecologic Institute, an edited volume entitled "Environmental Crime in Europe" was published by Hart Publishing. Dr. Stephan Sina, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, contributed a chapter on environmental crime in Germany. In this chapter, he describes the legal framework on environmental crime in Germany and assesses its conformity with the EU's Environmental Crime Directive. The chapter also addresses enforcement challenges. It is based on a longer study, conducted in the framework of the EFFACE project, on environmental crime in Germany.

The volume's editors are Andrew Farmer (IEEP), Michael Faure (University of Maastricht) and Grazia Maria Vagliasindi (University of Catania). The volume is based on research in EFFACE on actors, instruments and institutions relevant for fighting environmental crime.

Its first part covers the European legal background, including the Environmental Crime Directive. The core of the book is the second part which consists of a detailed analysis of environmental criminal law in seven Member States. The third part provides a comparative analysis of the seven country studies and concluding observations on the state of environmental crime in Europe and future perspectives.


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