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Fighting Environmental Crime in Europe and Beyond

Fighting Environmental Crime in Europe and Beyond

The Role of the EU and Its Member States
Findings of an EU-funded international research project on green criminology

The edited volume, Fighting Environmental Crime in Europe and Beyond: The Role of the EU and Its Member States, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in March 2017. The edited volume sums up the findings of EFFACE, a multi-disciplinary and international research project on environmental crime in Europe, funded by the European Union (EU). "European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime" (EFFACE) was a 40-month research project that included eleven European research institutions and think tanks and was led by Ecologic Institute Berlin. The edited volume consists of six case studies conducted during the project on different types of environmental crime.

EFFACE assessed the impacts of environmental crime as well as effective and feasible policy options for combating it from a multidisciplinary perspective, with a focus on the EU. As part of this project, numerous instances of environmental crime within and outside of the EU were studied and are presented in this volume. This volume is highly innovative in showing not only the many facets of environmental crime, but also how it should be conceptualized and its consequences.

The book "Fighting Environmental Crime in Europe and Beyond" is available for purchase at the Palgrave Macmillan website.


Sollund, Ragnhild; Christoph H. Stefes; Anna Rita Germani (Eds.) 2016: Fighting Environmental Crime in Europe and Beyond. The Role of the EU and Its Member States.

Ragnhild Sollund
Anna Rita Germani
978-1-349-95084-3 (Hardcover), 978-1-349-95085-0 (eBook)
236 pp.
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Table of Contents

A Paradigm Shift in Environmental Criminal Law
Victims in the 'Land of Fires': Illegal Waste Disposal in the Campania Region, Italy
Tackling Illegal Fisheries: The Role of Rights–Based Management
Wildlife Trafficking: Harms and Victimization
Illegal Shipments of E–waste from the EU to China
The EU Action to Protect the Environment in Kosovo and to Fight Environmental Crime
Armenia: A Case Study on Mining    Stefes, Christoph H. (et al.)
Summary of Findings and the Way Forward

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