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European Liberalisation Trends: Effects on the Water Sector in Germany


European Liberalisation Trends: Effects on the Water Sector in Germany

14 November 2005

Debates and discussions are still taking place on the aims of the European Commission as regards the strengthening of competition in the water sector. The question is: What would the consequences be for the German water and wastewater sector, if water provision was to be increasingly subjected to competition, public procurement and internal market rules?

In Germany, the modernisation strategy aims at creating environmental and customer-friendly water providers which also remain competitive. The Handelsblatt 2005 conference on the water and wastewater sector in Germany provided a platform for stakeholders to exchange views on the further development of the water supply and sanitation system.

Ecologic's Director R. Andreas Kraemer gave a presentation on the current European trends towards liberalisation and their impacts on the German water and wastewater sector.

Here, you can download R. Andreas Kraemer’s presentation [pdf, 256 KB, German].

This lecture is linked to the EUROMARKET project in which Ecologic is participating.

Handelsblatt, Germany
14 November 2005
Berlin, Germany
water supply, sanitation, service of general interest, privatisation. Liberalisation, internal market, competition, public procu