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Participative River Basin Management - The Rhine basin case

Participative River Basin Management - The Rhine basin case

2 December 2005

In her contribution at the international capacity-building workshop on Integrated Water Resources Management Nicole Kranz discussed the experiences with participative water management in the Rhine basin and outlined possible inspirations to be derived for water management in Northern Africa.

While the challenges for water managers are significantly different in the two regions, nevertheless interesting impulses and insights were identified by the workshop participants.

It was generally acknowledged that studying and discussing water management case studies from other contexts also contributes to a better understanding of own challenges and problems. Participants appreciated the introduction to strategies and methods of participation as well as to the foundations of participative water management in Europe. The 1.5 hr session was part of a week-long course on Integrated Water Resources Management Practices for practitioners and policy-makers from the Maghreb region.

The presentation of Nicole Kranz is available for download [pdf, 1.1 MB, French].

Furthermore, R. Andreas Kraemer – Director of Ecologic, led a session about the management of floods and droughts as well as a session about hydropower. Here you can find further information on the lecture of R. Andreas Kraemer.

The lectures were part of the project: Integrated Water Resources Management: Course for North Africa

Nicole Kranz
2 December 2005
Rabat, Morocco
Integrated Water Resources Management, Northern Africa, Maghreb, Participation, Public Involvement