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Implementing Land Degradation Neutrality at National Level

Implementing Land Degradation Neutrality at National Level

Legal Instruments in Germany

In this chapter Ecologic Institute's Dr. Ralph Bodle analyses the legal instruments and regulatory approaches in German law for achieving land degradation neutrality (LDN). Section 1 outlines the conceptual components of LDN that the law has to address: preventing degradation, restoring degraded land, offsetting degradation at project level and land-use planning and management. Section 2 analyses which legal mechanisms German law provides to address all conceptual components of LDN. The assessment and conclusion in Sect. 3 argue that despite a range of legal provisions and instruments in German law that protect soil, the absence of an overarching holistic concept is a fundamental shortcoming also with regard to LDN.

The yearbook 2017 presents an important discussion on soil and sustainable agriculture from a range of perspectives, addressing key topics such as sustainable intensification, the FAO Voluntary Guidelines, and the crucial role of appropriate tenure rights.

The "International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy" is a book series that discusses central questions in law and politics with regard to the protection and sustainable management of soil and land – at the international, national and regional level.


Bodle, R. 2018: Implementing Land Degradation Neutrality at National Level: Legal Instruments in Germany. In: H. Ginzky, E. Dooley, I. Heuser, E. Kasimbazi, T. Markus and T. Qin, ed., International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy 2017, 1st ed.

978-3-319-68884-8 (Hardcover), 978-3-319-88675-6 (Softcover), 978-3-319-68885-5 (eBook)
21 pp.
Germany, Europe