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Optimal Soil Management to Ensure Yield Capacity

Optimal Soil Management to Ensure Yield Capacity

18 June 2019
2. Workshop to gather perspectives on measures to upgrade the subsoil

In June 2019, the stakeholder workshop "Optimal soil management to ensure yield capacity & acceptance analysis of measures to upgrade the subsoil" of the BMBF-funded BonaRes project "Soil³ - Sustainable Subsoil Management" took place in Moltzow (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). This workshop is part of a series of workshops with the aim to discuss and gather the prevailing opinions on subsoil management measures with the help of an acceptance analysis. Ecologic Institute researchers discussed with farmers and other ecological actors under which conditions they would implement or support these measures.

To do this, the researchers used the Q-methodology in combination with focus groups. Among the ten participants, seven farmers were represented as well as three other private.

The insights gained during the workshop serve as the basis for recommendations for action on how to implement efficient and socially acceptable measures for improving the subsoil in Germany. Further workshops, field days or similar participation formats will offer participants the opportunity to contribute to the development of these recommendations for action and to help shape attractive subsoil management measures.

The protocol is available for download.

18 June 2019
Moltzow, Germany
Project ID
2275, 3206
Bioeconomics, subsoil, subsoil management, ecosystem services, focus group, Q methodology, Germany, Moltzow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania