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Let's Say It in Their Own Words

Let's Say It in Their Own Words

In this article, Dr. Grit Martinez ist concerned with the role of culture and history in relation to local knowledge and values, as these are displayed in the interpretations and actions of distinct groups regarding climate change. She argues that it makes sense to communicate the climate in a manner appropriate to the given cultural-historical context and imaginary and to the relevant semiotic and material views of the people in it. The article is available for download.

A little excursion to the origins of science and climate science is followed by an illustration of the role of climate science and the reactions of societal actors to it in different cultural settings.The article ends with some reflections on climate change communication.


Martinez, Grit. "Let's Say It in Their Own Words," edited by Katrin Kleemann and Jeroen Oomen, RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society 2019, no. 4, 105–14. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/8858.

2190-5088 (print), 2190-8087 (online)
10 pp.
Table of Contents

Science and Climate Science
Why Would One Ban Climate Science?
Why Would One Express Uncontested Trust in Climate Science?
The Story of "We Have to Adapt Immediately!"
Communicating the Climate according to the Audience’s Reality
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