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Achieving a Food System Change Towards Sustainability?


Achieving a Food System Change Towards Sustainability?

Interview with Stephanie Wunder, Senior Fellow of Ecologic Institute, Berlin

Berlin, Germany

How can food systems be transformed to become more sustainable and climate-friendly? This and other questions about rebuilding agriculture and food systems to become future proof are answered by Stephanie Wunder, Senior Fellow at the Ecologic Institute in her interview for ERNÄHRUNGS UMSCHAU. In the interview, she reflects about the role of science and policy consultancy, identifies the opportunities arising from the EAT Lancet report, and identifies policy approaches. The interview can be read free of charge at ERNÄHRUNGS UMSCHAU online.

Of course we all bear responsibility for what we consume, but which customer would like to decide in favour of child labour on coffee plantations or antibiotic resistance due to factory farming? Here, its up to policy makers to act.
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